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Bit of shock or surprise you to hear that on Christmas Day we see 34 percent more shopping searches than on Black Friday?This is just one of the eye – opening consumer trends that we are closely watching now that the 2018 holiday season is in full swing. With mobile phones, shoppers know that until the last minute they can easily find and get what they are looking for. Therefore, despite all the improvements that retailers have made to the speed and availability of products, many people are still waiting to buy.

xmas tree phone

The last-minute shopping stumbling block is giving someone a gift that seems thoughtless. Our best advice for last-minute presentations: be deliberate. It’s all right to purchase a gift card, but think about where the recipient would like to shop. Generic gifts such as candles and wine are made much better if they are to the taste of the person, so try to find out what they like with your close friends and family. What’s a good gift for the last minute who has it all?

You can also buy an experiential gift, which is delivered immediately. What’s the last minute DIY Christmas gift? Try to pot a fern for your friend! Everyone’s home could use a little greener. Get creative add a photo to a frame Doesn’t sound like the style of your friend? Place cookies as the ingredients in a mason jar for a delicious  gift for young or old:

Then there are those up to the minute latest gadgets like alexa thats likely to improve a persons life … you can get more time to cook a wonderful meal with this gizmo as you command your home light settings heating or kids entertainment all from voice and hands free.

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How about a pair of new jeans as featured within blackfrideals it is Christmas and everyone is likely to have put on a few extra layers afterall .