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We want you sales !

Spreading cheer with the best prices of the year, sales and discounts are here.
You probably have some idea of what Black Friday is, as you have already reached our wonderful set of posts and blog here at  Blackfrideals, a curated selection of deals to suit your fancy.

sales black friday discounts

Black Friday Origins

Black Friday started in Philadelphia, happening after the big day of food – Thanksgiving ( the forth Thursday of November) and marks the start to the Christmas holiday shopping season.  The color referring in some way to the masses of people, cars on the roads and black smoke on the Friday as shoppers flock to the shops and sidewalks.  America is the country that is built for consumers and big brands wanting to please costumers with big deals. On this day many in non retail had another holiday and would hit the stores with slashed prices as anyone with any sense loves a bargain. Coming from a background with some Scottish relatives my family loves bargains.

The Race – the switch to online

Literally like a race of consumers buying products now black Friday an international phenomenon, one finds viral videos of people rushing to physical stores where prices on products are dramatically reduced. Stocks run out and then shoppers get tired go home. Curiosity that brought them there. This concept transferred to the online realm is awesome no need to get up early wait in queues in cold and battle to get into a shop where you are not even sure what you are going to find.

Shopping – The Hunt

The hunter -gatherer instinct kicking into us, and  we are tactile people love the physical buzz of  grasping the products especially so when you are buying shoes ! But luckily with the internet we have evolved to speed up this process of shopping we are covered should we not like a product we can send them back. The convenience and the ins and out of buying from amazon will be covered in another blog post here on Blackfrideals.

When you have a great thing going like Black Friday why limit it to just one day a year!

Realistically this makes sense for stores and consumers,  sales can be spread out over the full month of November. So when the offers are on and valid on so many other days  you can afford to lie in  (after all that food ) and  set up your search  for your next Iphone as offers run this year from the 16th to the 25th with new deals everyday to keep things exciting.

Coffee machine

For instance we spotted this best seller: Nespresso Lattissima Touch Automatic Coffee Machine by DELONGHI at nearly half price and whole range of which can be found here which will get you up and smelling the coffee!