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While the website of Apple is the most obvious online place to buy your Apple Black Friday tech treats, surprisingly it’s not the best place to buy your apple products, not so sweet after all!

Shopping season is here and Apple’s Black Friday deals are in full force. Ok, so Apple has that cult status, once you buy one product you get sucked into a sphere of their products, the next promising to be better and better. The products originating and built in California have that simplicity in their physical design, that filters through into their operating systems allowing you to get on with what you need to do and not get distracted by anything. Apple is clever and sets trends. They revolutionized advertising and website design, allowing firms like Amazon to follow suit and create pages that exhibit clean layouts, UX design, using white colors, and no fuss of flashy banners and extra page elements.


Consumer Tech Black Friday Deals

When I think of Apples marketing strategy I think of when I got invited to a Christmas party to an expats pad in Morocco the guy had done super well in the stock exchan­ge. Inside of his decadent ornately decorated home was a hidden this grey office, completely minimalist he insisted his day to day successes was down to the design of this room, where nothing would distract him from his priorities. The four days black Friday sale that promotes is the extra fluff, the ornate decoration that apple is not really known for. In their promotion of black Friday 2018 as a four-day sale, they are only selectively showing you certain items and hiding the good stuff.

According to Gordon Kelly writing for Forbes, “ is consistently the worst Black Friday sales destination of the year” full of nasty surprises, offers and sales as are structured in order to shift old stock. Basically shopping at can be a costly mistake, through marketing you would think you’d be saving money but deals end up being more expensive to your wallet.


Amazon Apple Black Friday Deals

Stores like have Apple Black Friday deals you could only dream of appearing on – in addition, Amazon shows you bundles where you get discounts and even better deals when buying two or three related items. Not only uncovering discounts but you would get to discover some really useful accessories to go with your tech, for instance, that tempered glass screen cover, a nice band to jazz up your iPhone fourth generation watch.

Here at, we have compiled the best Amazon deals so you can spend more time doing the things that matter.

Apple Black Friday Deals